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The team at is comprised of a mix of sports betting experts that use different methods to form picks. Some are more analytical and rely more on statistical models, while others rely more on "feel" and actually watch the games to develop insight to form future winning picks. Our team has a good mix of both type of experts.

Beware of the many sports betting "consultants" or "gurus" that constantly tout their "high winning percentage". You won't see us broadcasting our undefeated record, but our team has consistently made money every year for the past 15 years. Until 2019, we have been a private group, but have now decided to publicize our best picks. You most likely won't see "daily" picks from us, but more likely a few of our best picks each week.

For the purpose of this site $1,000 is considered a unit. 1 unit is 1% of the total bankroll. So a bet of 3 units is a $3,000 bet.

Why Free?

Great question! While most other Sports Handicapper, Betting Consultant websites make their money by selling you their picks or other analytical data to help you make picks, we don't. We have a totally different business model. We make money through our partnerships and advertising.

Our goal is to be a FREE, trusted source for you to simply get sports gambling picks that have the backing of both our experts and sports betting algorithms.

How Our Picks Are Formed

Our picks are "Consensus Picks". We have 2 independent teams at, a team of experienced sports betting handicappers who love sports that watch and study the games and a team of non-humans. This non-human team is comprised of sports betting software and algorithms that form picks based on raw data and numbers only. When these 2 teams BOTH like the same pick (Consensus) we send them to you! You shouldn't rely on just "feel" or emotions to make bets, nor should you rely on just Artificial Intelligence (AI). Get the best of both worlds! Now does this guarantee anything? ABSOLUTELY NOT! There's no guarantees in sports gambling, BUT if you consistently make smart bets you stand a much greater chance of winning money in the long run. We don't expect you to bet on every single pick we make, but perhaps use us along with other trusted sources to form your own consensus picks.

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